Deepak Education society has started its institutions with the following objectives-

  • To let the child realize his own capabilities
  • To enable the child develop the best of potential
  • To enable the child to be expressive , creative , confident and decisive (not suppressive and dependent)
  • To enable the child to be a brain worker , not a crammer
  • To inculcate the dignity of labour , to seve humanity by following the perpetual guidelines of our culture.
  • To inculate right values to direct adequate academic and vocational excellence parallel with  human excellence.

Hence D.G.V Institutions are organized to give its students the right philosophy of life with the ability of self examinations ,self evaluations and appraisal. It shall be institutions endeavour to discover optimum percentage of the mental faculties of its students to equip them with objective , analytical outlook for their best adjustments in the ever changing environment with the ultimate aim to develop the students into “Self- actualised “ human beings.